Buy GAI+LISVA leggings – a must for everyday wear and yoga

Leggings are the new black. Leggings are probably the most comfortable thing you can jump into, when you have to work and get something out of the way, when you need to relax and recuperate, or when you need freedom of movement – for yoga, Pilates or all sorts of other types of sport. All our leggings are designed to maximise comfort and support without being tight or distracting you from the things that really matter in your life. With leggings made of natural materials that gently envelop your legs and take on your own particular body shape, you can accentuate the feminine curves of your legs with effortless ease. Available in a selection of beautiful, natural and dusky colours that are hard not to fall in love with at first sight, you can easily combine them with other styles – for everyday wear, work, teamed with stilettos for a party, or when you’ve given yourself permission for some me-time with a yoga session. If you’re someone who spends long hours sitting still in front of a screen, or you spend a lot of time travelling, you’ll love GAI+LISVA’s leggings, which let your blood circulate freely and don’t pinch your waist or calves while you sit. This will help to prevent your legs from swelling during the day, and it’ll be easier for you to go directly from your office chair to your yoga session with light, fresh legs.

GAI+LISVA brings you leggings made of wool and viscose, produced with consideration for the environment

Our collection of leggings combines quality, beautiful and clean-cut design with sustainable natural materials, so you can relax and fall in love with all our styles without having to worry about the impact of your purchase on the environment. Production of all our collections takes place under controlled, decent conditions, so we can be certain that we produce your styles with as little adverse impact as possible on our natural environment. We exclusively use viscose and wool for our leggings, so you can be assured of warmth, wonderful softness and elasticity, for full freedom of movement, whether you’re cycling, in a yoga class or on the sofa, chilling out with a throw, a book and a cup of tea. Our Alia and Tano Leggings made of 28% wool are both perfect for chillier days, either as they come or as a cosy layer under pants or dresses. If you love feminine detailing, and if you want to accentuate your calves, choose our super-feminine Sonja Yoga Leggings with a pretty perforated pattern that gives you an enchanting, sophisticated look with that extra touch you need to lift your outfit from everyday to everyday luxury. Sonja Yoga Leggings can be worn for yoga or teamed with a loose shirt or an oversized sweater, for example, or when you’re chilling out at home.

Shanti Leggings – your new sustainable favourite leggings made of 100% recycled polyester

Given our focus on the environment and sustainability, we’re constantly striving to ensure the vast majority of our natural materials are either organic or recycled. That's why we’re proud to have created our unique Shanti Leggings made of 100% recycled polyester. You won’t find leggings more comfortable or suitable for yoga than these, because the seamless, high-waisted Shanti Leggings with ribbed detailing at the waistband and in the legs are flexible and elastic. That means they fit your body perfectly and faithfully accompany you in all your yoga poses with soft, almost imperceptible support. Buy Shanti Leggings, and feel the difference from your very next yoga session. You can also enjoy peace of mind with a clear conscience about the environment when, dressed in 100% recycled polyester, you help us to keep plastic out of our oceans and, at the same time, reduce consumption of our scarce natural resources.