Designed to follow you - Everyday softness

Lotta is our soft knitted dress that will keep you warm on chilly days. This knitted dress is made from 86% alpaca wool/13% nylon/1% Spandex yarn. There are many ways to style this knitted dress thanks to its length and simple design. Wear the dress over leggings or tights.


Transparent production

Our wool supplier in China is located in Dong Guan City. The factory is family owned, with more than 75 years’ experience. The family is Japanese and originally all production was located in Japan, but in 1992 the decision was made to move production to China. Our collaboration with this supplier is relatively recent. The need for a new supplier of wool arose when we wanted to find a supplier that was RWS certified and, at the same time, able to meet our stringent requirements for quality and production. Our new partner in China was able to fulfil all this.