Learn from your grandmother: Styles based on traditions, experiences and a little nostalgia

Do you remember that specific shirt or even that special dress that your grandmother just loved and wore over and over again without leaving any signs of wear? Now, that's quality! But it is also a testament to your grandmother’s special sense of personal style. She rarely bought clothes, but when she did, she chose it with the sense of quality, comfort and style needed when shopping for a piece of clothing that must last many, many years to come. Her conscious choice is one we can learn from even today.
With respect for the wise and quality-conscious grandmothers, we have chosen to highlight some styles that they would surely have loved. The romantic shirt Tila Top and the ultra-soft, light tops Cecilia, Laura, Nellie and Fermi provides you with multiple styling possibilities and are made of sustainable materials to retain the shape, colour and comfort – wash after wash.
These gorgeous shirts with exquisite detailing and a unique feminine feel inherited from our grandmother have been our great inspiration for our special heritage design styles. 

Tila, Fiona, Gerda & Gertrud 

Simple, feminine details 




Nellie Top